Proyectos en Gitorious:

    • procmailgen

      Small program in Python that will generate a .procmailrc file for your convenience. You must feed the program with your email address and the path to a file containing the mailing lists that you are subscribed to along with the folders of your inbox you want them to be delivered. See basic example here:

    • gnome-rfkill-applet

      An applet for Gnome that lets the user to inhibit the emission of radiation from RF devices with a simple click on the applet’s icon. The device radiation parameter manipulation is done using the special device /dev/rfkill

    • profiles

      Various profiles and configurations

Proyectos en Github:

    • agora-ciudadana

      Agora Ciudadana implemented using python and django (0 watchers)

    • aircrack-ng

      This is a mirror of aircrack-ng svn repository (0 watchers)

    • bitcoin

      Bitcoin integration/staging tree (0 watchers)

    • Bitcoin-Poker-Room

      Sources for Bitcoin Poker Room. (0 watchers)

    • buildbot

      Python-based continuous integration testing framework; your pull requests are more than welcome! (1 watcher)

    • buildbot-contrib

      contrib scripts for buildbot (0 watchers)

    • caesure

      Python Bitcoin Client (0 watchers)

    • camerra

      Harmattan Camerra Hack (Vol+ button as shutter) (1 watcher)

    • cgminer

      CPU/GPU miner in c for bitcoin (0 watchers)

    • chapcrack

      (1 watcher)

    • CI20_linux

      Linux kernel source tree with MIPS Creator CI20 (JZ4780 based) board patches/development for upstreaming (0 watchers)

    • collectd

      The system statistics collection daemon. Mirror of the canonical repository (updated hourly), but feel free to send Pull Requests! (0 watchers)

    • ctk

      CRC Tool Kit (0 watchers)

    • deck.js

      Modern HTML Presentations (1 watcher)

    • dellfan

      User space utility to control the fan speed on Dell Laptops (9 watchers)

    • Diffie-Hellman-Primes

      A collection of Diffie-Hellman primes generated by random people, no idea if they are legitimate or not. (0 watchers)

    • dm-cache

      Generic block-level cache utility based on Linux device mapper framework (0 watchers)

    • dyz

      dyz: Simple launcher for WPE port of WebKit (0 watchers)

    • ecostats

      Fork of ecostats web-based front-end for collectd ( It now supports getting notifications via e-mail and showing alerts like a Dashboard. (1 watcher)

    • eglinfo

      Provides information about available EGL configurations. (0 watchers)

    • eglTests

      (0 watchers)

    • evilmaid_chkdsk

      An bootable 'evil maid' tool that pretends to be Windows CHKDSK (0 watchers)

    • fail2ban

      Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors (0 watchers)

    • Flotr2

      Graphs and Charts for Canvas in JavaScript. (0 watchers)

    • g2ttrss-mobile

      A Google inspired mobile interface for TT-RSS (0 watchers)

    • gedit-themes

      Color themes for Gnome's default editor Gedit (0 watchers)

    • gnome-rfkill-applet

      An applet for Gnome 2 that lets the user to inhibit the emission of radiation from RF devices with a simple click on the applet (0 watchers)

    • gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet

      Display system informations in gnome shell status bar, such as memory usage, cpu usage, network ratesâĦ (3 watchers)

    • icecream

      Distributed compiler with a central scheduler to share build load (0 watchers)

    • ipaddr-widget

      IP Address Widget for Harmattan (1 watcher)