Gitorious projects:

    • procmailgen

      Small program in Python that will generate a .procmailrc file for your convenience. You must feed the program with your email address and the path to a file containing the mailing lists that you are subscribed to along with the folders of your inbox you want them to be delivered. See basic example here:

    • gnome-rfkill-applet

      An applet for Gnome that lets the user to inhibit the emission of radiation from RF devices with a simple click on the applet’s icon. The device radiation parameter manipulation is done using the special device /dev/rfkill

    • profiles

      Various profiles and configurations

GitHub projects:

    • agora-ciudadana

      Agora Ciudadana implemented using python and django (0 watchers)

    • aircrack-ng

      This is a mirror of aircrack-ng svn repository (0 watchers)

    • bitcoin

      Bitcoin integration/staging tree (0 watchers)

    • Bitcoin-Poker-Room

      Sources for Bitcoin Poker Room. (0 watchers)

    • buildbot

      Python-based continuous integration testing framework; your pull requests are more than welcome! (1 watcher)

    • caesure

      Python Bitcoin Client (0 watchers)

    • camerra

      Harmattan Camerra Hack (Vol+ button as shutter) (1 watcher)

    • cgminer

      CPU/GPU miner in c for bitcoin (0 watchers)

    • chapcrack

      (1 watcher)

    • collectd

      The system statistics collection daemon. Mirror of the canonical repository (updated hourly), but feel free to send Pull Requests! (0 watchers)

    • ctk

      CRC Tool Kit (0 watchers)

    • deck.js

      Modern HTML Presentations (1 watcher)

    • dellfan

      User space utility to control the fan speed on Dell Laptops (7 watchers)

    • Diffie-Hellman-Primes

      A collection of Diffie-Hellman primes generated by random people, no idea if they are legitimate or not. (0 watchers)

    • dm-cache

      Generic block-level cache utility based on Linux device mapper framework (0 watchers)

    • ecostats

      Fork of ecostats web-based front-end for collectd ( It now supports getting notifications via e-mail and showing alerts like a Dashboard. (1 watcher)

    • evilmaid_chkdsk

      An bootable 'evil maid' tool that pretends to be Windows CHKDSK (0 watchers)

    • fail2ban

      Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors (0 watchers)

    • Flotr2

      Graphs and Charts for Canvas in JavaScript. (0 watchers)

    • g2ttrss-mobile

      A Google inspired mobile interface for TT-RSS (0 watchers)

    • gedit-themes

      Color themes for Gnome's default editor Gedit (0 watchers)

    • gnome-rfkill-applet

      An applet for Gnome 2 that lets the user to inhibit the emission of radiation from RF devices with a simple click on the applet (0 watchers)

    • gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet

      Display system informations in gnome shell status bar, such as memory usage, cpu usage, network rates… (3 watchers)

    • icecream

      Distributed compiler with a central scheduler to share build load (0 watchers)

    • ipaddr-widget

      IP Address Widget for Harmattan (1 watcher)

    • jython-burp-api

      Develop Burp extensions in Jython (0 watchers)

    • kernel-tutorial

      Basic "How to write a Linux kernel patch and submit it" tutorial (1 watcher)

    • kgpu

      Augmenting Linux with the CUDA GPU (1 watcher)

    • ksm_preload

      If you have multiple processes generating similar data (like multiple applications serving different vhosts), this easy to use tool may allow you to spare memory by deduplicating it. If two pages (typically consecutive blocks of 4k) are identical, they will be merged to reduce memory usage. (0 watchers)

    • libegl

      libegl with Wayland extensions for OpenGL/ES library (0 watchers)